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Lucas Lamport has always been fascinated between the interplay of the body and the mind. Having built a career in the aesthetic health industry as the current Aesthetic Experience Manager at health company, Lucas is a firm believer in the importance of physical well-being and the holistic relationship between the body, the brain, and a happy life.

A graduate of Baylor University, Lucas has been into fitness for as long as he can remember. “A lot of my free time is spent researching what’s new in diet, fasting, and fitness.” He says when asked about his hobbies. “It really is one of the things that led me to my professional career — I really enjoy being around the medical community and anything health and fitness related.”

When not at the gym or exercising in one way or another, Lucas Lamport has built a pretty impressive career in sales within the medical community. Before his time in his current tole, he served as a Senior Business Development Manager. In this role, he was responsible for facilitating product acceptance and enhancing portfolio growth through ongoing business development activities. In this position – as the top ranked regional sales representative – Lucas learned a thing or two on the importance of implementing a healthy lifestyle and way of living into your everyday life.

Lucas Lamport has also worked as an Executive Sales Representative, a Direct Sales Manager, I & I Division, and a Senior Sales Representative. In addition, he has worked as a Senior Sales Professional and as an Executive Sales Representative.


Some particular areas of interest to Lucas Lamport in the areas of health & fitness are the interplay between diet and exercise, intermittent fasting as a means of weight control, muscle gain, and longevity of lifespan, as well as the mental benefits that consistent exercise has been proven to have on the mind of the individual. When not working, you can probably find him in the kitchen meal planning and catching up on the latest in health sciences.

Lucas loves to cook, and while it was a hobby originally facilitated by his love for fitness, he now enjoys learning new recipes and cooking food that is as good for the stomach as it is good for the body.

Be sure to check back as Lucas shares updates and insights into his favorite meal plans, exercise routines, and health and fitness tips!

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