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Another way to get into or stay in shape without an expensive gym membership is to properly equip yourself with the right gear. If you have the essential equipment to work out, you can virtually take your workout anywhere – your own home, a hotel on vacation, or even at work on your lunch break. Rather than investing in a monthly gym membership fee that you will feel guilty wasting if you don’t go enough, invest your financial resources in buying quality gym gear.

Get the Right Gear and Location for Any Workout


There is a lot of specialized gear out there for specific workouts and environments. If you’re just starting or getting back into a routine, here are a few basics to cover first:


  • Water bottle. You don’t want to go back and forth between the kitchen, and being tired while getting water is an easy way to break your glassware or other dishes. Get a water bottle with a close-able lid.

    If you want to spend more, there are various mixers that are airtight, feature spouts for easier drinking at different angles, or even battery-powered mixers to make smoothies and supplement drinks without leaving your exercise area.
  • Separate workout clothes. Don’t get your casual or work clothes dirty while working out! Invest in some basic black or grey t-shirts, sweatpants, socks, running shoes.

    Basic workout clothes are made of cotton, polyester, or a cotton-polyester blend. If you want to spend more money, moisture-wicking clothes and breathable clothes will make outdoor exercises easier.

    Many track pants are made of polyester, nylon, and polystyrene for their sleek, shiny feel and appearance.
  • Find safe, accessible outdoor exercise areas. You don’t have to do everything indoors. Finding a good outdoor route at any hour is doable, but you need to do some research before setting out. Parks are easy options, but there are other public areas available.

    The easiest details to figure out are traffic safety and accessibility. Too often, first-time joggers will take a route that seems to have a good sidewalk or walking path, only to run into construction or the end of a city side project with no safe way to finish your route.

    While you could turn around, it’s easy to lose your motivation with an unknown stop. Try driving or walking around specific routes during the day, and take note of streets and signs in the area.

    If you prefer night exercise, be sure to figure out which areas have good lighting at your desired area. Make sure the area is accessible to law enforcement and emergency services, and take not of any businesses that are open late.

    Driving makes this easier, and you may want to talk to emergency services professionals (ambulance drivers, social workers, patrolling police officers, or detectives) to figure out a safe route.


Get in touch with a personal trainer, nutritionist, or physical fitness instructor to get advice on starting a great routine.